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Ask a Designer: Cabinet Prices


Why do cabinets range so widely in price?

Trisha: Cabinets range in price, because of a few different things. One will be door style. You can never like simple door style that is less expensive than more decorative door style with a print molding. An overlaying door style versus a decorative in-set door style. There’s going to be big cost different within your door style. Then, wood pieces and finish are also variables that contribute to the difference of the whole cabinet. Cherry tends to be more expensive wood than a maple, pine or oak, so there’s a premium with a lot of cabinetries that I sell for cherry. As far as finishes, you have a standard stained finish, and then you’re going to have upgrade finishes, a painted finish for a little bit of an upgrade.

You have a painted glazed finish, and then you have themed glaze finishes. The more steps involved in the finishing process, that’s going to cost more for the cabinet. There is a quality difference sometimes in different lines of cabinetry. That’s going to contribute to cost difference as well. You’re going to look at thickness of doors and drawers and things that are offered as standard, that make it a higher quality cabinets such as full extension, soft closed slide and soft closed doors that are sometimes standard on a higher cabinet. Whereas, in a lower end, there’s an upgrade or something that’s not even available.