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Things to Think About When Selecting Countertops


(You can print out the questionnaire and refer to it as you read through the site and while visiting a designer's showroom.)


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  1. Do I want a smooth or textured feel?

  2. Do I want the ease of cleaning an integral sink?

  3. Do I like a consistent color or one that's broken up by granules or veins or that's patterned?

  4. Do I care if the materials are natural or manmade?

  5. Will I want to chop, slice, and dice on my countertops or can I make do with a cutting board?

  6. Will I want to roll dough on them?

  7. Do I care if I can set hot pots on them?

  8. Am I going to worry that my kids or my guests will spill orange juice or red wine on them?

  9. Do I have time to often reseal them?