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Things to Think About When Selecting Flooring


To help focus your selection process, ask yourself the following questions. You can print out the questionnaire and refer to it as you read through the site and while visiting a designer's showroom.


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  1. What is under my current flooring? How will this material affect the choice of my new flooring? Is there asbestos that will need to be removed?

  2. What flooring option feels the best under my feet?

  3. Do I want to use the opportunity of getting a new floor to level off its height if I now have to step up or down to enter the kitchen?

  4. Would I like to install a radiant-heat system under my new floor?

  5. Do I prefer a consistent color or one that's broken up by granules or veins or that's patterned?

  6. Do I need to consider the safety of children or elderly family members who may be coming through or using the kitchen?

  7. Do I want to place a priority on being able to quickly clean up spills without worrying about stains or water damage?

  8. Do I prefer natural or manmade materials?