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An Introduction to Stone Flooring


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Stone flooring offers a distinct look for your kitchen. Designed by Viking Kitchen Cabinets, New Britain, CT.

The most common stones for the kitchen floor are granite, marble, and slate.

Recommended flooring support

Cementitious backer board.


  • Tough and durable.

  • You can use over a radiant heat system.


  • Stone might not offer the comfort you're looking for. It can feel like you're standing on cold rock (because you are). Consider using mats or throw rugs in work areas.

  • You'll need to apply sealants periodically to prevent stains.

  • Marble can be slippery and dangerous to fall on. The elderly and families with young children may want to consider another type of flooring.

  • A light-colored grout in between stone tiles will show stains and dirt.

  • The stones may chip, so you should keep extras on hand.

  • The color of the stone that arrives at your home may differ from what you choose in the showroom if taken from a different lot. If you have the option, approve the slabs that will become your flooring while they are still at the distributor or manufacturer.

About $10-$100 per square foot.