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Sea Stones Cabinet Hardware

Sea Stones Cabinet Hardware

There's no easier way to give your kitchen a natural look than to add a bit of Mother Nature. These knobs and pulls are actual ocean-smoothed stones that have been hand-gathered from New England beaches and crafted into hardware for your cabinets. If that's not green enough for you, the owners personally "plant" a new stone (purchased from a quarry) back into the water to replace each one picked. $14; Sea Stones

Pull Options for Drawers and Doors


Installed with two screws, a pull can actually be any length. Just be sure to measure the distance between the centers of the screws when drilling holes for installation. Typical screw patterns include 3", 2 ¾", 2 ½", 4", 64mm and 96".

Available in a variety of materials such as metals and leather, pulls require a fairly durable material, making natural products like glass and some stones more rare.

Cup or Bin Pulls
Though they use the same screw pattern as pulls, cup pulls feature a semi-enclosed curving shape. With a more traditional look, cup pulls are good choices for country and farmhouse kitchens.

Drop Pulls
Ideal for cabinets where projection is a problem, drop pulls' handle portions pivot up and down. The often curved, elegant shape makes them ideal for furniture or dining room pieces.




Hidden Hardware for Your Cabinets


Chances are your choice of hinge isn't something you'll have any say in, though it's valuable to understand the differences. The most important bit of knowledge to acquire is this: be sure to select cabinetry that offers a lifetime warranty on hinges.

There are three distinct types of hinges:

Concealed hinges (European cup hinges): These Euro-style hinges are hidden when the door is closed, providing a clean look for frameless cabinetry. Concealed hinges are typically attached through a hole bored into the back of the door. Easily adjustable, they often feature a "clip" that makes for easy removal and adjustments. Less easy, however, is its ability to open: concealed hinges only offer up to a 110-degree range of motion.

Barrel hinges:
Leading the way in the realm of self-closing, spring-loaded options, barrel hinges provide ample access to the cabinet interior. Installed on the front frame, these hinges are fully exposed.

Knife hinges:
Embedded in and screwed to the cabinet frame, this scissor-shaped hinge provides a 180-degress range of motion and is either fully or partially visible when the door is closed.




Notting Hill Prairie Tulip Hardware

Distinctive Hardware NottingHill Prarie Tulip

The fresh colors and clean lines of this cabinet pull will complement any Prairie-style kitchen. And with four choices of antique metals or four colorful enameled options available, these pulls come in a nice variety of choices to fit your kitchen. Matching knobs are also available. $25; Notting Hill Hardware

Accents by Cambria

Distinctive Hardware Cambria

Sometimes being green means making the most of what you have, as Cambria has with its new Accents line of decorative cabinet knobs and pulls. The inlaid quartz comes from the "cut off" leftover from fabricated countertops. If you want to match the look of your quartz hardware, the line also includes switchplates, cheeseboards and more. $15-$50; Cambria

Gado Gado International Lapis Lazuli

Distinctive Hardware Gado Gado International

Using a semiprecious stone like this Lapis Lazuli adds a bright punch of color to your kitchen. These blue knobs from Gado Gado International are available in round, oval, triangular, square and hexagonal shapes. $36; Gado Gado International

Hickory Hardware Gaslight and Aero Pulls

Distinctive Hardware HickoryHardware

Whether you're looking for something contemporary or something classic, a splash of white or black on hardware adds a decorative touch to any kitchen cabinet. The Gaslight pull, left, features Victorian inspiration in its rounded edges and scalloped shanks. The aero pull, right, has a sleek and slightly oblong silhouette. $2.99-$6.37; Hickory Hardware

Richelieu Green Cabinet Hardware

Distinctive Hardware Richelieu Green Cabinet Hardware

With its rounded edges and bold straight handle, this contemporary pull masters subtle sophistication. But this hardware is more than elegant-it's eco-friendly, too. These knobs and pulls are produced from 93 percent recycled brass material and satisfy LEED recycled content credits. $22-$195; $51.69 for pictured hardware; Richelieu Hardware

Atlas Homewares Wet Bar Collection

Distinctive Hardware Atlas Wet Bar

Certain cabinets demand a little more hardware flair. For your wet bar, these beverage-themed knobs complement any cocktail hour. If wine is your thing, Chianti bottle and goblet knobs are also available. $10.40; Atlas Homewares

Gado Gado International Pisces Pull

Distinctive Hardware Gado Gado International Pisces Pull

Crafted on the island of Java, this pull's design reflects the traditions of its origin. The sleek curves of the fish balances its rough-hewn texture. Fashioned from hand-carved hardwood molds, these brass pulls are cast, then individually polished with an antique finish. $30; Gado Gado International