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Hidden Hardware for Your Cabinets


Chances are your choice of hinge isn't something you'll have any say in, though it's valuable to understand the differences. The most important bit of knowledge to acquire is this: be sure to select cabinetry that offers a lifetime warranty on hinges.

There are three distinct types of hinges:

Concealed hinges (European cup hinges): These Euro-style hinges are hidden when the door is closed, providing a clean look for frameless cabinetry. Concealed hinges are typically attached through a hole bored into the back of the door. Easily adjustable, they often feature a "clip" that makes for easy removal and adjustments. Less easy, however, is its ability to open: concealed hinges only offer up to a 110-degree range of motion.

Barrel hinges:
Leading the way in the realm of self-closing, spring-loaded options, barrel hinges provide ample access to the cabinet interior. Installed on the front frame, these hinges are fully exposed.

Knife hinges:
Embedded in and screwed to the cabinet frame, this scissor-shaped hinge provides a 180-degress range of motion and is either fully or partially visible when the door is closed.