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Pull Options for Drawers and Doors


Installed with two screws, a pull can actually be any length. Just be sure to measure the distance between the centers of the screws when drilling holes for installation. Typical screw patterns include 3", 2 ¾", 2 ½", 4", 64mm and 96".

Available in a variety of materials such as metals and leather, pulls require a fairly durable material, making natural products like glass and some stones more rare.

Cup or Bin Pulls
Though they use the same screw pattern as pulls, cup pulls feature a semi-enclosed curving shape. With a more traditional look, cup pulls are good choices for country and farmhouse kitchens.

Drop Pulls
Ideal for cabinets where projection is a problem, drop pulls' handle portions pivot up and down. The often curved, elegant shape makes them ideal for furniture or dining room pieces.