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Get a Grip on Your Options

Having a "handle" on textures can make it easy to select the handle that's right for you. Major texture options include:

distressed pull

: The dented and scratched feel lends a classic look to Old World, country and farmhouse kitchens.


hammered hardware
Hammered: This style of hardware has broad or narrow surface indentations produced or appearing to have been produced by hammering. Hammered knobs and pulls are a key element of Arts & Crafts homes.


matte hardware
Matte: This dull surface gives a dose of subtlety to your hardware. While matte antique brass, copper and statuary bronze knobs are perfect for period kitchens, chrome, satin brass and nickel serve contemporary spaces well.


oil-rubbed hardware

Oil Rubbed: Typically done on bronze, oil-rubbed hardware's aged patina shows through a charcoal-colored finish.

polished hardware
Polished: With a mirror-like sheen, these smooth and glossy knobs literally shine. This bold look is well-suited for bar areas and bathrooms.

satin hardware
Satin: Resting between matte and polished options in terms of its sheen, satin hardware offers a bit more texture: expect a somewhat threaded look.

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