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What’s an overrated kitchen appliance feature or kitchen gadget?

Chef Holmes: I think one of the most overrated tools I’ve seen are professional blenders. They are really expensive. I found that your basic blenders at places like Target hold up just fine and have just as long as a lifetime. I guess the pro ones have a little more horsepower, but honestly, for what most people are doing, a regular blender works fine.

Chef Matthews: I think a garlic press is useless.

Chef Selland: I think just about anything that is hocked on television. All the little “make- a-meal-in-one–pan” things. Anything like that just makes food without any flavor. With just a little bit of energy you can make good food with your oven or stove.

Chef Subido: Warming drawers. I get the whole hot plate thing, but you can put a plate in the oven for a second and get the same effect.

Chef Vizethann: I’m not a huge fan of non-commercial food processors. I had one for six months that just stopped working right. I would spend more money on the commercial one.


Verdict: Our chefs found overrated products in all different cooking categories and price ranges. So whatever you’re buying, do your research and remember: Caveat emptor (let the buyer beware).