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Do you think warming drawers are useful?

Chef Holmes: I really don’t think they are necessary for the home. I guess if you’re entertaining a group of 50 people every night, it would come in handy. But most people don’t cook like that.

Chef Matthews: I don't use any type of warming drawers. I worry about the food drying out.

Chef Vizethann: The only time I use them is if something has already been cooked and I just have to keep it warm. It’s good when I’m doing a catered event. I wouldn’t keep a sauce or something like that in there. It’s good for bread, but as a home cook, I wouldn’t use it much.

Verdict: Most of our chefs didn’t find warming drawers to be necessary for the way they cooked at restaurants and in home kitchens. Of course, professional chefs are skilled at cooking food so it’s all ready to be served simultaneously. Home chefs might find warming drawers useful, especially when making large meals meant for a dinner party.