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What’s an underrated kitchen appliance feature or kitchen gadget?

Chef Holmes: Something we use a lot is a stick or a wand, an immersion blender. Those are very handy. And those work for a quick puree or making sauces, and you can use them in a container and they wash off very easily.

Chef Matthews: A good vegetable peeler. A dull or bad peeler can be infuriating, but a good one keeps a simple job simple. Also, I'd like to see more people use cast-iron pans; I think they are great.


Oxo Mandolin Vegetable Slicers

Courtesy of Oxo

Depending on your needs, you might want an inexpensive hand mandoline or a more professional style mandolin, like these ones from Oxo.


Chef Selland: A mandolin for slicing thin slices and fries. If you’re serious about cooking, its something you should have and use on a regular basis.

Chef Subido: The slicer on food processors like a Cuisinart. It’s an attachment but it typically comes with the pieces; when you buy a food processor, you usually get a grater and slicer attachment. Typically, the slicer often gets lost in a cabinet somewhere. But the slicer can be used to slice potatoes, for example, if you were making a scalloped potato. Also vegetables that are a little more on the firm side. I think the slicer can help cut down on prep time.


KitchenAid Mixer

A classic KitchenAid mixer offers professional quality for residential kitchens.


 Chef Vizethann: I really like using my KitchenAid mixer. One of the reasons I really like it is because it can be a commercial product, but it’s also really easy to use in the home as well. I use mine all the time.


Verdict: The right small appliances and cooking gadgets can make a big difference, even for professional chefs.