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Know Your Size Options Before Your Choose


Courtesy of Julien

A double-bowl sink can help keep your work area organized.

Common sink configurations include:

  • Single bowl
  • Double bowl
  • Triple bowl
  • Main sink plus prep sink

A deep, wide single bowl can be best if you're tight on space or you want a sink where you can rinse plates and silverware before loading them into the dishwasher.

With a double-bowl sink where both bowls are the same size, you can use one side to wash dishes and the other to rinse them. Or you could have a double-bowl sink where one sink is larger than the other; use one for rinsing and the other as a prep sink for cleaning fruits and vegetables.

A triple-bowl sink gives you the wash-and-rinse function plus a smaller prep sink with disposal.

A separate prep sink on your island or by the stove can add convenience when you're cooking, entertaining, or preparing fruits and vegetables.