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Introduction to Stylish Sinks

Orange undermount sink with dish drainer and granite counter.

The variety of sinks today is greater than ever before, from size and shape to style and material, your options are only limited by your creativity.

In the mid-1900s, there was a movement in the arts called "Kitchen Sink Realism," and this movement revolved around artists, poets, playwrights, and others focusing on the ordinary aspects of life. And perhaps during that era, a kitchen sink could represent all things ordinary. Luckily, in the current era, kitchen sinks do not have to be the pinnacle of plain in your home. There are enough sink options that you can create a variety of looks, from eye-catching and colorful to modern and sleek.

But to create the look you desire, you have to consider all your sink and faucet options: Stainless steel or cast iron? Undermount or self-rimming? Single bowl, double bowl or triple bowl?

And your options don't end there. This section will show you and explain to you all the choices you need to consider when looking into the very non-ordinary world of sinks.