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credit: Drury Designs

Highland Park Kitchen

I love a client who's open to new ideas including a blue kitchen. The space was not very big but it packed a lot of design details that included open floating shelves on either side of the hood instead of cabinets and great accent colors that blended very well together and created an elegant space.

Lake Springfield Home

This beautiful home has such a lovely view of the lake. The previous kitchen was dark and traditional. The face lift of paint and new cabinets doors made this space so bright and welcoming. We could not even remember what the cabinets looked like before because these cabinets were such a perfect fit!

Walder, Beverly Hills

This Elegant, Craftsman Style Kitchen is one of our favorite Kitchens. Together with our client, we designed an incredible place to enjoy, for hopefully, many happy, healthy years!

Fulton kitchen

I loved having the opportunity to introduce this homeowner to the raised posted counter top option. This option created another serving area for the homeowner in a condensed kitchen proper space.