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Elgin , IL

The kitchen is bright and airy. There is a lot of Natural light coming in this soon. The space is open and there is plenty of space for a large Island, a large wood hood, a separate kitchen table and even room for an antique armoire.

White Kitchen Remodel with Gold Accents

This heavenly white kitchen feels so airy and wonderful. The dreamy atmosphere is the result of white cabinets with a white backsplash. Gold and wood accents truly elevate this dream kitchen!

Large Kitchen Renovation with Bronze Accents

Beautiful bronze accents illuminate this remodel and bring a bold color palette to this home! We love how spacious and airy this renovation feels after remodeling.

Large Two-toned Kitchen Renovation

Kitchen islands are the perfect feature to add incredible value to any home remodel. This beautiful blue kitchen island provides a wonderful balance of function and style. The ample storage space as well as extra countertop room add so many new possibilities!