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Ask a Designer: Remodeling Costs


How much does a kitchen remodel cost?

It’s a very large range, and it really depends on what your tastes are, and some things are more important for people than others. Some people might have a real importance on appliances; those are little bit easier to price out if you go to some place. A vendor can take a look at what that budget might be for the things that you want. Cabinetry is a wide range, because there are so many selections, and I know what we tell people here in Chicago, which is that a typical kitchen remodel might be 10-20% of the value of your home.

If you need to sell your house fairly quickly, but you need it updated, then you might be on the lower end of that. If you are going to be in your house for any length of time, and you really want to use your kitchen and put some things together that you really like and you enjoy using, you might be on a little higher end of that. I’d say, on the average, most people are right in the middle.

If you’re going into your kitchen, and you’re wanting to replace countertops and appliances and keep your existing cabinetry, that can cost you 10-15,000. If you … and I’m thinking replacing it with a granite or a natural stone for your countertops and putting in some sort of stainless appliance. Then you can get into removing everything and leaving plumbing and gas lines or electric for appliances where they are and just replacing everything in your kitchen, and that, again, can be a range, I would say 20-40. That’s a wide range, but again, it’s going to depend on the specific cabinets that you choose and finish and style and things like that, as well as brand.

You can get into even most cost if you’re moving plumbing and moving a lot of electrical and maybe moving walls and putting an addition [under 00:02:04], things like that, that are going to put your kitchen anywhere from 50 to over a hundred thousand. You don’t want to have a hundred thousand dollar kitchen and a two hundred thousand dollar home. It just wouldn’t make sense. So, I would say you probably wouldn’t want to exceed 20% of the value of your home.