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Ask a Designer: Dated Colors


What colors will make my kitchen look dated?

Terry: You can use a trendy color in small amounts, perhaps in areas that are less architecturally important; maybe in tile, maybe in paint. That's something that's easy then to change over the course of time and stay current with the way things look. Classic design is a difficult thing to achieve in a lot of ways, but if you use neutral colors in your cabinetry and use paints and tiles and fabrics to help bring color into the kitchen, then you're not dealing with the trendy aspect of colors and things that are costly to change.

If you're hooked on having a red cabinet, the suggestion is to put it in a space that's like an island, a built in cabinet, or a specific decorative cabinet, almost like a piece of furniture, so that if you do tire of that color, you can easily change that as opposed to making your entire kitchen red.

The trends are pretty much painted and glazed and aged kind of cabinets. You're starting to see a trend back towards darker colored cabinets, dark stained cabinets. Things that we probably saw in the early 70's but are a little bit richer; have a little bit more depth in their color. Trendy colors would be things that are jewel tones, maybe some seashore kind of colors if you're getting into the Hamptons' kind of styling, so you see the aquas, the grays, and light blues.