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Ask a Designer: Best Kitchen Layouts


Is there a best kitchen layout?

Gladys: There’s the U-shaped kitchen which is the most conducive to a cook, a single cook, because everything is … should be within reach. The L-shape allows you to have a little bit more of a flow of traffic. It incorporates the people more into the cooking area than the U-shaped. Most people that cook and don’t want people in their space will want some sort of a U-shaped kitchen. If they want people to mingle and do things with them, the perimeter with an island, which is an L-shaped, would be best. There’s a rule of a thumb based on what the function of the kitchen will be, and then it depends how large the space is. Sometimes you’ll end up with two islands.

Because you have that much space, you actually end up with … to U’s in an island or two islands and an L-shaped. Most of the kitchens I’ve been doing lately have been … from peninsula going to an island because they want to have a flow of traffic that is open to the breakfast area or just the table that they have in the kitchen. They want to be able to do … go outside to the backyard and entertain. It’s a straight shot versus the U having to go around. The idea, what they would want is a U with an island in the middle, but you don’t always have that space to put that extra island in.