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Ask a Designer: Small Kitchens


How can I make the best use of space in a small kitchen?

Yeah, the layout is what we start with, it’s a space [plan 00:00:14]; something that’s very important. You can have the prettiest kitchen; if it doesn’t function well, then it doesn’t really serve its purpose. If you can’t do anything to the layout, but that’s the first thing we do, is either see if we can knock down a wall, can you move things about, and to be able to gain access. Really, as far as utilizing what you having in the box, with accessories, can help a lot. Accessories and different gadgets, I would say, that [inaudible 00:00:04] in the cabinet, inside, to help organize those things. If you can’t pull it out in one swoop, it’s really not helpful; so, you have things like rollouts, so that people don’t have to bend and fight with their cabinet to get their pots and pans.

You have silverware dividers, cutlery; you have utensil dividers, so all your spatulas and everything is organized. You can … It seems like you’re actually getting less, but what you’re doing is to make sure that the space you do have is usable and user-friendly. So, you have pullouts for your spices. In the corner, we’ve always had Lazy Susans, but you have things like a magic corner that bump out, they actually pull straight forward and then out. So, you have some options with your corner pieces, if you can’t put a Lazy Susan.

I think that, again, having a small kitchen, it is nice to have as much storage as possible. So, bringing in the cabinets to the ceiling, if possible, is the best thing to do. Then … and because crown molding, you can always also add bracket details and different details that give it that furniture feeling, but to maximize the space by bringing it to the ceiling. Interior storage is always good. Putting rollouts in makes your space a little bit more efficient, because you can pull things out, and you actually know what’s inside of them; dividers within drawers. There’s lots of different inserts and dividers that can kind of help make your kitchen more functional.