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Ask a Designer: Kitchen Table Alternatives


Does an eat-in kitchen need a table?

Some people are getting rid of their tables. Some people want an island that has seating in conjunction with their table. They still sit down with the family at dinner time. They don’t want to use their formal dining room if they even have one.

Sitting at an island offers a more casual atmosphere. Some islands, again depending upon the shape, are not conducive to family gatherings. Many islands, there’s only room for two or three. You’re sitting in a row like cafeteria style.

If that’s the case, I don’t recommend giving up a table in your kitchen or make sure that you have another space in the home that you’re really going to use for family sit down dinners. That’s an advantage to doing a lower surface connected to an island.

You don’t have to have walkway space on all four sides of the table area. You can have walkway space just on three and actually put chairs on three sides. That is something that we’ve done a number of times.