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Ask a Designer: Creating a Focal Point


How do you create a focal point in the kitchen?

Cheryl: Always have that, a very popular focal point with the cooking area; being the hearth of the kitchen and just giving you more the feel of a fire place in the center of a kitchen as opposed to the cooktop and the hood combination. With other layouts, that if we have maybe a nice open wall, to do a beautiful hutch. That instead of it being a traditional china hutch storage, we convert it into pantry storage. We hide microwaves inside hutches, different other appliances can be hidden in.

With traditional kitchens, it's very easy to create focal points because of the possibilities of trim moldings and with the kitchen layout. Sink areas and range areas are very popular with creating focal points. Focal points also can be created with just one small area having glass doors and a little bit more detail than the other cabinetry in the home. A focal point can be a very unique island. That if the kitchen is large enough, could create a multi-leveled island that we can do storage underneath that might have decorative detailing, building tvs into an island.