/ Backsplashes

Do you prefer a uniform backsplash consisting of the same tiles, or do you like to mix and match tile shapes and colors?

Backsplash with Mixed Tile
Courtesy of Oceanside Glasstile and DIY-Do It Yourself Network's Kitchen Renovations series

This photo is a good example of using two different tile colors and sizes within a backsplash to create a stunning look.

David Portales, Spanish Tile Association: Both are options and really depend on the design goals of the homeowner. For a simpler, cleaner look, a uniform tile will serve well. For a more intimate, personable space, create some variation with size, color and orientation of the tile.


Lori Kirk-Rolley, Tile Industry Professional: I like a backsplash that uses the same tiles, but introduces other elements in the backsplash or over the stove cooktop. Examples could include a border of glass [tiles] framed by a metal or glass decorative rail. The stove cooktop represents an opportunity to create a focal point in the kitchen that can pull in various elements.


Verdict: Both varied and uniform backsplashes can work well, as long the design fits with your kitchen's overall style.