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White subway tiles: a classic that can never go wrong, or an overused look that leads to dull backsplashes?

White Subway Tile Backsplash
Photo courtesy of Kohler

White subway tile has been a classic element of design for many years, but is it stylish enough to stand alone in a backsplash?

Lisa Elkins, Architect: If you have a very classic looking kitchen it could be a good fit, but if everything else in the kitchen is sort of dull, then it could look very plain and basic.


David Portales, Spanish Tile Association: It still has legs. The appeal of subway tile started the move toward rectangular-format tile several years ago. The classic white subway tile in 3-inch x 6-inch continues to be a favorite in both traditional and contemporary kitchen design.


Verdict: You don't have to worry about white subway tile going out style, but if your kitchen lacks pizazz, white subway tile probably won't change that.