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What do you recommend for someone on a tight budget who still wants a great backsplash?

Glass Tile Backsplash Accent
If you don't have a big budget for a backsplash, one way to add some extra style without breaking the bank is using glass accent tiles, like in the photo above.

Anna Marie Fanelli, Showroom Owner: You can always have great design even on a budget. Try using an inexpensive field [tile] such as 3-inch x 6-inch subway tile and dress it up with sheets of glass or stone mosaics. The detail material is cost effective since you get several rows of detail from one sheet.


Lori Kirk-Rolley, Tile Industry Professional: A homeowner can upgrade a backsplash design by simply adding an accent strip of glass mosaics. Or consider a decorative accent that is offered as part of the wall tile collection being used for the rest of the backsplash. The incremental cost to do this will be minimal, but it will achieve a designer look. Glass is a good option-a little goes a long way!


Verdict: Some striking accent tile can be a cost effective way to transform a bland backsplash.