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Are there any options for someone who is renting and wants to cover up the existing backsplash without actually replacing it?

Tile Decals for Backsplashes
Courtesy of Mibo Tile Tattoos

Using tile decals, like the one's from Mibo pictured above, is one way for renters to easily add a little style to their backsplash.

Lori Carroll, Interior Designer: A renter is bound by their contract with the property owner. Anything that isn't permanent should be ideal, though. There are peel-and-stick metal wall tiles available at home improvement stores that would make a great contemporary backsplash in a rental.


David Portales, Spanish Tile Association: Slim tile is an excellent new option, directly beneficial to the current trend in renovation. At half the thickness of regular tile, slim tile makes perfect sense from a technical/functional and environmental viewpoint: reduce the thickness of the tile as much as possible while still maintaining the mechanical requirements suitable for wall installations and improve the ecological benefits of this style of tile.


Verdict: There are few easy backsplashes upgrades for renters. Lori's solution of getting peel-and-stick metal wall tiles is probably the simplest and most affordable option. Still, it's a solution that might not provide many design options.