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What about tile sizes-does small work better in a small kitchen, big better in a big kitchen?

Oversized Tile Backsplash
Photo Courtesy of Keraben and the Tiles of Spain

With plenty of room for a backsplash, this kitchen uses large, rectangular tiles to fill up the space behind the cooking area and accentuate the room's length.

David Portales, Spanish Tile Association: Small spaces can seem bigger when left clear of lots of "stuff," and [can appear bigger with] large format tiles. When [large format tiles] are used on the horizontal line, they can make a space appear longer. On the other hand, a cavernous space can be made more intimate by introducing colors and smaller scale tiles. Be sure to work with experts who can help you truly visualize the end result.


Lori Kirk-Rolley, Tile Industry Professional: Not necessarily. Mosaic tiles have been used successfully in both small and large kitchens. The style of the kitchen, design objectives and the homeowners' personal tastes should drive selection.


Verdict: There is no set rule when it comes to matching tile size with the size of your kitchen. With the right design in place, both big and small tiles can complement any kitchen style.