/ Backsplashes

Is it dated to have the backsplash be the counter extending up 4 inches and then have a painted wall?

4-Inch Backsplash
Many backsplashes consist of countertop material that only rises a few inches high.

Anna Marie Fanelli, Showroom Owner: Yes, it is very dated! Why would you want to have a painted backsplash when it is so hard to clean and you can add color, design and texture with tile? With the right tile design, it can make your space so interesting.


David Portales, Spanish Tile Association: Definitely! Tile has gone so far beyond pink and powder blue 4-inch x 4-inch tiles like the kind you used to see in grandma's powder room. There are so many sizes, colors, shapes and finishes available; the possibilities are only as endless as one's creativity.


Verdict: We realize that not everyone can afford to install a brand-new backsplash, but our experts all agreed that if your backsplash design is simply a 4-inch countertop extension, an upgrade would serve your kitchen well.