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Explore the Variety of BacksplashTile

Decorative tiles are often used for trim or backsplashes. They may feature raised, recessed or painted designs, and can be made from ceramic, porcelain, quarry, glass and natural stone. Unglazed tiles (which generally have a matte finish) must be sealed; glazed tiles are impervious to water.

The spaces between the tiles are filled in by grout, ideally an epoxy grout to help resist stains. A palette of grout colors looks like a palette of paint colors-there are that many to choose from. One that is similar in color to the tile creates a more unified look. Remember that lighter colors aren't as effective at hiding dirt, and that grout should be sealed to prevent bacteria from setting up camp between your tiles.

Using tile on your backsplash gives a range of stylistic choices-whether you want to create a traditional look with ceramic white tile or go for something more artistic with colorful glass tile. Hand-painted artisanal tile also provides an inspired space, while stone tile creates a natural look.

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