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Let Your Backsplash Express Your Style

A tile backsplash

This patterned ceramic tile has a metallic glaze that adds a luminous quality to the backsplash.

What started as an easy-to-clean surface behind your cooktop or sink has turned into a showcase of artistic styling for your kitchen. Backsplashes are available in a variety of materials. Whether you're looking for the classic look of ceramic tile or interested in the earthy qualities of natural stone, your backsplash design possibilities are as big as your imagination.

Before you start laying bright orange glass tile, you might want to consider a couple things.

First, depending on your budget, you may want to take a closer look at the price of your materials and consider when you might remodel again. Trends come and go, so don't jump at the latest fad for your walls. Choosing a focal point, like over your cooktop, for more decorative designs while keeping the rest of your backpslash toned down may be the right way to go.

Read on to find out more about backsplash materials and design options.

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