/ Backsplashes

If a backsplash is placed in an area without wall cabinets, should the backsplash go all the way to the ceiling?

Backsplash Tile to the Ceiling
Courtesy of Tile of Spain

Without the barrier of wall cabinets, this backsplash is able to extend all the way to the ceiling.

Anna Marie Fanelli, Showroom Owner:It depends on the kitchen design. I believe it is acceptable to show some wall or go all the way up to the ceiling [with tile], especially if the kitchen is contemporary in design. I have done both.


David Portales, Spanish Tile Association:Considering that tile is one of the most hygienic surfaces, why not take it to the ceiling in one of the rooms that you would most like to keep clean?


Verdict: A backsplash that extends all the way up to the ceiling can create a bold, contemporary look. Of course, extending tile all the way to the ceiling will cost more than stopping your backsplash at a shorter height.