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Ask the Editor: Measuring the Kitchen

Tape measure and pen on plans.

Get Accurate Dimensions for my Kitchen Remodel


Question: "How do I get accurate dimensions for choosing products and purchasing materials? Some of the designers I've talked to have also said I should bring my kitchen measurements into their offices."


Answer: Pull out a pencil and measuring tape, and get ready to draw! Here are the basic steps. For a detailed explanation and illustrations, read our How to Measure article.

  1. Draw an outline of the kitchen, noting openings for doors and windows (including which way the door swings). 

  2. Draw in any obstructions (heating, plumbing, etc.), that you cannot or do not want to move.

  3. Beginning at the top left corner of your drawing measure to the first window, door or wall. Continue clockwise around the room. Include trim when measuring doors and windows. Measure the ceiling height and write it in the center of your drawing. Measure from the floor to the bottom of each window and also measure the overall window height. Write these numbers down.

  4. Beginning at the top left of your drawing and moving clockwise, label the windows and doors "Window #1," "Door #1," etc. Next to each wall, write the name of the adjacent room or "exterior wall."

  5. Measure any obstructions (heating, plumbing, etc.), that you cannot or do not want to move. Measure from the two closest walls to the edges of the obstruction. Measure the height of the obstruction.

  6. Check your numbers by adding the measurements of the parallel walls to be sure they match