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Things to Think About When Selecting Dishwashers

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Before purchasing a new dishwasher, read through these questions to make sure you've thought of everything you need and want. You can print out the PDF and refer to it as you do your research and go shopping.


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  1. Do I want my dishwasher to look streamlined, with a single-panel front and hidden controls?

  2. Do I want a dishwasher with a trim kit that allows me to attach panels that match my cabinetry to the front door?

  3. What are the dimensions of my current dishwasher? Does the new one have to fit in the same place, or do I have the option of moving it?

  4. If adding or moving a dishwasher, will the new placement allow the door to open fully? What about the doors of adjacent cabinets or appliances? Where will the plumbing connection go?

  5. Is my available space so small that I should consider a compact, under-sink, drawer, portable or countertop dishwasher?

  6. Is it important to have a quiet dishwasher to avoid disturbing neighbors or sleeping family members?

  7. Do I need a sanitizing wash cycle for baby bottles, heavily soiled dishes or family members with allergies? Do I need a hard food disposer and tough scrub cycle to avoid pre-cleaning dishes?

  8. Are environmental considerations such as energy and water savings important to me? Will money saved on utility bills make up for added costs?

  9. Do I want my dishwasher raised so that I don't have to bend down to load and unload it? Should I consider a drawer dishwasher for the same reason?

  10. Do I need a tall tub or extra-wide dishwasher or even multiple dishwashers to handle regular large loads of dishes? Or should I consider a single drawer or compact dishwasher to do smaller, more frequent loads?