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Noise Reduction, Safety, And More

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Noise reduction and child safety locks are just two of the extra features worth considering.

 Dishwashers don't just stop at size, capacity, cycle variation and energy efficiency. You can also find features that do everything but take out the garbage.

  • Hard food disposals grind solid foods into pieces small enough to fit through the filter. This is a good feature if you don't like rinsing off dishes before putting them in the dishwasher. They add some noise, but they also have self-cleaning filters.
  • Anyone with children in the home knows how important it is to have child safety features. Some dishwashers include child safety locks that stop children from starting the dishwasher or opening its door.
  • Noise reduction or sound insulation packages are an added cost but should be considered under the following conditions: the dishwasher is going into an island or on a peninsula with no wall to absorb sound, the kitchen is near a bedroom or home office, or you live in a condo or townhouse with thin walls and floors. To reduce a lot of the noise, dishwashers are insulated with fiberglass on three sides and on the top. Some also have a layer of foil over the tub, or insulation on the door panel and kickplate to reduce noise even more.
  • A self-cleaning filter is a consideration if you use your dishwasher frequently. The dishwasher filter helps keep the wash water free and keeps food particles off of your dishes. Many dishwashers have them, but they do add noise.



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